About Us

We are a non-profit organization whose members are passionate about the advancement and education in the art of woodworking and furniture making. The Guild meets monthly and has a live demostration on various tips, techniques, and woodworking practices.

We also have a group of wood turners, who meet on Thursday, who do demos and hands on training for anything done on a lathe.

We have experts in the field of cabinetry, furnitue making, and scroll saw work and much more. Our members want to share their love of woodworking and to teach anyone who is interested.

The Guild is asked on a regular basis to come and share the art of woodworking at local schools and community events. With the cutback of funding, schools no longer have these types of classes avaliable for their students. This leaves a void for the need to educate students in the art of woodworking. The Guild is helping to fulfill that void.

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